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disteln :"Oh my gods i LOVE both of you. I followed you a minute ago and i already know you are one of my follow forever blogs. I truely adore the wizarding world that J.K Rowling created for us and the scenery in the movies is just stunning. And screencaps is the best way to enjoy that<3"

Thank you so so much! I LOVE YOU TOO

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Anonymous :"Hi, I just started a screencaps page. Can I put you as an affiliate? Thanks!"

what’s you page? (:

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Anonymous :"i love this blog, you have the best hp screencaps! is it okay if i use the for edits if i give credit to you?"

Yes of course!! As long as you put the credit it is no problem ((((: 

Thank you so much!! Glad we are helping out!! xxx


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Anonymous :"can i use your screencaps for picspams and stuff? like i'll give you credit of course but you have the best screencaps for hp"

Sure babe….. As long as you put the credit it’s alright.  (((((:

Thank you for your support…


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"Merry Christmas Harry!"

"Merry Christmas Harry!"